Lahore Police supports Sex Centers

Sex Centers in Lahore are being supported by Lahore Police. Some of these Sex Centers are located in front of Schools and Education Centers. This is shame for Government and Police that Police are supporting these Sex Centers.

Pakistani Model Nadia Hussain in Bikini

Sexy Pakistani Model Nadia Hussain in Bikini.


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Olivia Wilde BOOB show in Transparent Dress. Sexy star Olivia Wilde made a grand entrance at the premiere of the movie Cowboys and Aliens in London UK. She was seen wearing a lace dress which offered a clear view of her assets from the sides leaving very little to imagination.

'Anti-rape bill or a licence for free sex'

RANCHI: The proposed changes in the anti-rape bill has drawn strong criticism from the public in the city. Intellectuals beleive it will not only increase the rate of crime against women, but will lead to a further deterioration of the condition of women in society. The Union Cabinet on Thursday cleared the amended anti-rape bill by agreeing to reduce the age of consent from 18 to 16 and replace the word 'sexual assault' with 'rape'. The bill also, for the first time, makes voyeurism a bailable offence while stalking a non-bailable one. A group of ministers (GoM) on Wednesday had recommended decreasing the age of consensual sex from 18 years to 16 years and suggested stern punishment for offences like stalking. However, the decision to lower the age of consensual sex met with criticisms. While the Jharkhand State Women's Commission (JSWC) believes the proposed change in law is not women-centric, the government has tried to redraft the anti-rape law to keep it gender-neutral. "More discussion is needed before the proposed changes are made into a law. Government should rethink the age limit. The bill, if made law, will drastically increase violence against women as the bill is influenced by Western culture. I think the cultural background from which we belong must be taken into account. There are other provisions too which need to be amended," said Hemlata S Mohan, chairman of JSWC. Concerned over the health of young girls, Mohan said most of them do not reach puberty at the age of 16 and remain ignorant about sex. The new bill gives freedom to boys, which in turn will increase the cases of sexual assault by deceiving her to marry at the age of 18. Women activists, too, feel that the proposed bill is contradictory and erroneous. A stronger law is needed to check the soaring sex crime graph. Poonam Anand, a social activist in the city said, "On the one hand, the marriageable age is 18 but on the other, the anti-rape bill allows consensual sex at the age of 16 years. This will only deteriorate the condition of women in the society. The government is again forcing the future of young girls into darkness." Expressing concern and anguish, Anand questioned, "What if a girl gets pregnant at the tender age of 16? She will have to wait to turn 18 to get married with a baby in her arm. Meanwhile, the society will boycott her as this is unacceptable in India. This will depress her and she might end up committing suicide finding no option as our law prohibits abortion." She said this bill will also lead to a rise in female foeticides. Even youngsters opposed the provisions in the bill. Priyanka Preeti Toppo, who has even developed a website for protection against sexual harassment in the city said, "The government should make the law more women-specific and they should rethink on the age for consensual sex". Advocates also believe that the bill is contradictory as far as the juvenile justice law is concerned. According to the Juvenile Justice Act, if a person below 18 years of age commits a crime, he/she is treated as a minor. But the irony is that the minor becomes an adult according to the new anti-rape bill. Advocate Abhay Misra said, "The name of the anti-rape bill - Criminal Law (Amendment) Bill 2013 - is itself contradictory. We have gone through every provision of the bill. Already there are numerous cases pending in the courts against rape and sexual assault, if the bill is passed, it would only add to the number cases related to rape."

Cute Pakistani Girls are Smoking

Pakistani Girls are Smoking

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Unseen Olivia Wilde Nude

Unseen Olivia Wilde Nude

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Eliza Dushku Swimsuit Pic